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Strategic Investments

Other than core business sectors, more projects are inline to widen up the diversification portfolio.

Agriculture, value addition of non traditional local agricultural products, preservation of local seasonal agricultural products, production of virgin coconut oil are some of the projects planned for the future.

Kelani Valley Canneries Ltd (KVC)

DSI Samson Group (Pvt) Ltd has a 20 percent stake in Kelani Valley Canneries (KVC) a subsidiary of CIC Agribusiness. KVC one of the well known process food brands in Sri Lanka. KVC had introduced several state of the art developments in processing and preservation (no artificial flavours, colours) to capture both domestic and oversea markets.

KVC introduced several traditional Sri Lankan gourmet recipes (seeni, katta sambol) and squashes and cordials from popular Sri Lankan fruits: WOOD APPLE (Feronia elephantum), GUAVA (Psidium guyava), BELI (Aegle marmelos), NELLI (Phyllanthus emblica) etc.

Wellassa Rubber Company

Presently there is an acute shortage of rubber due low production of natural rubber coupled with increased local demand. As increase in natural rubber production is a long term project with gestation period of 07 years we have entered into a partnership with several large dry/wet rubber products manufacturing companies to plant rubber in Monaragala District, which is a highly under developed district in collaboration with government and other international funding agencies.

Already government has released 33 hectares of land and a model nursery has been started.

Micro Minerals (Pvt) Ltd.

This is a partnership with Richard Pieris Exports Ltd., established with the intention of obtaining uninterrupted supply of quality raw material of fillers which is a vital product for the rubber industry.

Mini Hydropower Projects

  1. Hydro Trust Lanka (2MW)
  2. Werapitiya Hydropower (2 MW)

With the increasing demand for electricity a special team is currently involved in the 2nd project where the experience we have in commissioning the first project is being extended.

Asiri Hospitals and Asiri Surgicals Ltd.

DSI Samson Group is a long standing share holder who made investment during difficult times and has been on the board for over 20 years and made contributions to the management to bring the hospital to the present level today.