DSI Holdings Ltd
P O Box 778,
Kumaran Rathnam Road,
Colombo 02
Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94 (0)11 2320978-9
Fax : +94 (0)11 2440890
E-mail : info@dsi.lk


In 1962, the late Mr. D Samson Rajapaksa JP, the founder of DSI (made up by the first letters of the name D Samson Industries) took his first steps to realizing a vision in making DSI - Sri Lanka's No. 01 footwear company.

His mission was based on firm principles, business integrity and offering his customers quality and good value above all else. This journey through uncharted terrain took a relatively unknown name from Galle in the South of Sri Lanka and carefully nurtured it into a brand leader with national & international recognition. The task was not without the pitfalls & obstacles, reward & successes associated with the building of a strong brand that had to stand the test of time. Time that put to test his courage and determination to succeed against all odds and convert his vision into a reality.

He cleverly identified the various opportunities that came his way and set the foundation for a strong brand and a diverse group of companies.

He loved his country, the people and revered & practiced traditional family values, particularly those of the South that have now been enshrined into the DSI corporate culture at every level. His special relationship with his employees was that of a father to a son that extended beyond the realm of his own family. Continuing in this tradition, his sons gradually took over the business in the 1970's.